Impacted Tooth Exposure

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Why is my tooth impacted?

Although all adult teeth should be erupted by the early teenage years, occasionally some teeth can fail to erupt and remain in the jaw bone. This is referred to as an impacted tooth. There can be several reasons as to why the tooth did not to erupt. Dr. Hutto will review the reasons as it pertains to your situation.

What can be done to bring my tooth into my mouth?

The procedure to correct an unerupted, impacted tooth is known as exposure and bracket. Dr. Hutto will locate the impacted tooth and bond, or glue, a special orthodontic bracket to the impacted tooth. The bracket has a chain attached to it that will allow your orthodontist to bring your tooth into proper alignment in just a matter of a few months.

Is the procedure painful?

No, typically the procedure is not painful. This procedure can be performed with local anesthesia, with nitrous oxide anesthesia, or with general anesthesia. There may be minor discomfort experienced during the recovery period. Dr. Hutto will provide you with an in-depth consultation to review all aspects of the procedure.